Ultimate Empty Cart for WooCommerce – Empty Cart Button and Empty Cart Page Custom Content (WooCommerce)

Ultimate Empty Cart for WooCommerce provides two functionalities: it lets you add an Empty Cart button in the place you choose on the WooCommerce cart page (12 locations are available).

Also, you can set you own custom content for the empty cart page (including images, links, shortcodes…), instead of showing the «Your cart is currently empty» default sentence.


Spanish translation included.

Empty Cart button features:

  • Enable/disable with one click
  • Choose among 12 available locations in the cart page to place the button
  • Custom label for the Empty Cart button
  • Fancy JavaScript confirmation dialog box with custom text and confirm button color
  • You can redirect the user to any page you want after empty the cart

Empty cart page custom content

You can build your custom content to be shown in the empty cart page with a visual editor, the same way you do with pages or posts. Links, images or even shortcodes can be used.

This way you can show your featured products, sales or promotions to the user in the empty cart page.

You can also hide the Return to shop button in the cart.

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